The most beautiful bike trails and exciting tours are there for you.

Bike & Mountain bike tours


Thanks to bike trails which provide different levels of difficulty, biking and mountain biking around the Chiemsee offers ideal conditions for newcomers, families with children or trained bikers.

Enjoy your bike tour around the strand of the Chiemsee and the view into the far horizon. And if you would like to rest, take the possibility and enjoy a bath in the Chiemsee.

Our hint: Start your bike tour right in front of the Hotel Malerwinkel on the Chiemsee strand.


Mountain bike tours at the Chiemsee:

Especially for professional mountain bikers the Chiemsee Alps offer a real paradise. Starting at the Chiemsee, your way starts to the mountains, passing chalets and alpine cabins right to the summit. After the exhausting climb you will be rewarded by a unique view – this is pure mountaintop pleasure!
Thanks to numerous mountain bike trails newcomers can also fully enjoy their trips.

Our hint: “views of the Chiemsee” mountain bike tour
The 20km trail which is classified as average level will guide you through the most beautiful places of interest which will enable you breathtaking views at the Chiemsee.