Experience this unique and unforgettable view

Kampenwand and mountain railway of the Kampenwand

Even from far away the Kampenwand can be seen with its ragged prominent rock summits.

The Kampenwand has its own spirit throughout the year – in the summer hiking and climbing fans can enjoy the fantastic landscape accompanied with breathtaking views and little snacks offered.

In the winter the mountain offers slopes of high quality for both newcomers and experts.

The mountain railway of the Kampenwand:

The ropeway comfortably carries visitors up in 1,500m height and let them experience a unique Alp scenery. The breathtaking view to the massive mountain landscape with impressive rock formations, meadows and small forests it appears to be endless.

The mountain station is in the heart of long hiking tours at the end of the Kampenstein mountain railway – an ideal starting point for long hiking tours and summit adventures. Nethertheless, it offers ideal conditions for both newcomers and experts.