Alpine delights at the highest level

Skiing and snowboarding

With a total of 5 skiing regions the Chiemsee Alps offers a true paradise for all skiers and snowboarders. Gorgeous real snow, breathtaking views, diverse slopes for both newcomers and experts, floodlight sections and numerous fun parks offer a top class winter holiday experience.

Numerous local skiing schools offer diverse trainings for kids and adults.

Local skiing areas:

Skiing area Oberaudorf:
The skiing area offers the longest floodlight section throughout Germany.

Skiing area Wendelstein:
The Wendelstein attracts people with its beautiful landscape and demanding slopes.

Skiing area Kampenwand:
The skiing area Kampenwand is especially loved by real snow fans.

Skiing area Sudelfeld:
The skiing area Sudelfeld is famous for its long and extensive slopes and is amongst the biggest skiing areas in Germany.

Skiing area Sachrang:
The small but very nice skiing area is particularly well-known by families with kids, newcomers or refreshers.