Your day will be become your day!

Wedding planning

If you have decided to tie the band of life, there are plenty of scheduling to be done and decisions to be made: What will the flower decoration look like? How many friends, relatives and others will be invited? Will we have a menu card or buffet for dinner? Those and many more, almost endless and countless questions will be in your mind till the wedding takes place.

However, our checklist might help you to decide on the most important things on time and to organize the most beautiful day in your life in order to avoid a disaster.

Our tip: Couples that prepare a folder on time in which all important documents and steps can be filed are the ones that are perfectly organized.

12 to 8 months prior to the wedding
  • Find a date for your wedding
  • Would you like to have a civil marriage or church wedding or both?
  • Define the number of guests.
  • Budget question, you much may it be?
  • What will be your surname?
  • Who will be your witness?
  • Apply for holidays at work
  • Visit restaurants and wedding venues. Where will be the location for your celebration?
6 to 4 months prior to the wedding
  • Plan your honeymoon
  • Clothing: What kind of dress will you be wearing for the civil or church wedding?
  • Find your wedding ring
  • Choose your menu in the restaurant with the landlord.
  • Decide on your photographer, will it be a friend or an expert?
  • Book a dancing course in order to avoid a nicety situation.
  • Have a closer look to your guests list
  • Book entertainment: DJ or solo entertainer
  • Decide on table and flower decoration
  • Create your wedding table
  • Choose place cards as well as invitation cards
  • Would a marriage contract make sense?
  • Send the invitations
2 to 1 month(s) prior to the wedding
  • Make your appointments (nails, hair, cosmetician)
  • Plan your wedding-eve party
  • Which wedding cake will it be? Have an appointment with the confectioner
  • Note the reply of your guests
  • Create a table plan. Who will be sitting next to whom?
  • Plan the course of your wedding. Inform the pastor, restaurant, band etc.
1 week prior to your wedding day
  • Wear your wedding shoes in order to avoid blisters
  • Prepare your tip
  • Prepare your wedding rings

On the wedding day:

Try to stay calm!
After the wedding
  • Communicate the name change at authorities and within the company. Also inform your company, insurances, banks, health insurance, passport
  • Write your acknowledgement cards
  • Create your photo album